Quick and Easy Gift Ideas for Urban Cyclists

Are you looking for the perfect present for a bike-riding friend or loved one? We have some great gift ideas for the urban cyclist in your life that will keep them safe and show off their unique style. 

Whether they have a cruiser, commuter, urban, hybrid, or eBike, you’ll want to consider your loved one’s aesthetic and current safety needs. Remember, the urban cycling lifestyle is about the combination of function and aesthetics, ease and activity, and being outside while staying in town. 

Here are a few quick and easy gift ideas that you can find at your local bike store or online.


Even gifts chosen for safety can show off your favorite bike rider’s style. Keep them safe while they are on the road with these ideas:

Lights: Help your rider see and be seen while on the road. A set of powerful LED lights for the front and rear of their bicycle is an easy, affordable gift that shows you care. Plus, they make great stocking stuffers! Basic lights are small and easy to purchase from your nearest bike store. Or, purchase a cool set of retro lights online to match their bike’s vintage style. If you want to go all out, you can even buy lights with built-in dashcams. 

PRICE RANGE: $10 to $200

Bells: Bicycle bells help warn other cyclists and pedestrians of a rider’s approach, avoiding unintentional collisions. Like lights, they are small and range in style from simple and practical to vintage and full of style. 

PRICE RANGE: $5 to $25

Pink bike bell on cruiser bike with wicker basket

Bike mirror: Improve your loved one’s safety with a handlebar-mounted mirror to see what’s behind them, without having to turn around. A bike mirror helps commuters be aware of traffic and weekend cruisers see faster cyclists approaching behind them on a bike path. You can purchase a single mirror for their roadside; or splurge and get them two. 

PRICE RANGE: $5 to $30

Hi-Vis: High visibility, reflective clothing and accessories are a great way to keep your friend safe on their bike. One of the best things about hi-vis is that there are so many options to choose from: vests, jackets, backpacks, backpack covers, arm and ankle bands, trouser clips, helmet covers, and socks. If style is a key concern, vests and jackets are your best bet. They come in everything from black with reflective segments to brightly colored artistic designs. If you’re in need of a small and quick gift, then consider socks or bands.

PRICE RANGE: $5 to $60

Maintenance and Repair

Every cyclist should have essential tools for maintaining and repairing their trusty steed. As a bonus, keeping their bike well-maintained will also help keep them safe. 

Multi-tool: It’s a cycling fact, small things happen from time to time that stop a bike from cruising down the road.  Help your rider get back on their way, or at least rolling to the nearest bike shop, with a multi-tool. While there are a variety of multi-tools out there to choose from, we suggest you opt for a cycling-specific version – one small enough to carry on the bike. These typically come with a range of hex/allen keys, Torx keys, screwdrivers, spoke wrenches, and a chain tool. Some even have tire levers.

PRICE RANGE: $15 to $80

Bike repair kit: If you want to level up from a multi-tool, a bike repair kit can be a lifesaver for quick fixes on the go. It is also handy to take care of small, regular repairs at home. In addition to a multi-tool, a repair kit can have tire levers, spare tire tubes, and patches to fix flat tires. A portable pump or CO2 inflator can also be a useful addition. 

PRICE RANGE: $20 to $80

Tune-Up: Loved one not the DIY-type? No worries! Give them the gift of a professional bike tune-up to keep their prized possession working smoothly. Reach out to your local bike store to find out about gift vouchers or pre-booking a tune-up. 

PRICE RANGE: $80 to $150

Lock: To help your rider truly take advantage of the urban cycling lifestyle, give them the gift of freedom to explore the neighborhood. A bike lock will let them know their bike is safe while they enjoy the local café or pop into the shops. A durable U-lock or a heavy bike chain lock are both good choices.

PRICE RANGE: $30 to $75

Light Blue bike lock


A bike rider can never have too many accessories, and gifting high-quality additions to their bike can be a fantastic idea to show you care.

Handlebar grips: Comfort is key, and ergonomic handlebar grips can reduce hand fatigue during long rides. The grips come in a wide variety of colors and can also add their aesthetic to their ride.

PRICE RANGE: $5 to $25

Phone mount: Want to stay in touch with your loved one while they are on their bike? Or, maybe they have a tendency to get a bit lost? Consider a phone mount as a gift. This will secure their phone to their handlebars so they can safely see their phone while cycling to their destination. This means they can easily access maps and other important apps to ensure they stay safe. For long rides or commuting, a phone mount also helps the phone double as a bike computer, showing distance traveled and speed.

PRICE RANGE: $30 to $70

Fenders: Fenders can be an important part of a cruiser or commuter bike’s aesthetic. They also help keep your rider clean and dry, protecting them from road spray and mud. Make sure they look good at work or the local brewery!

PRICE RANGE: $40 to $90

Gifts that carry

The ability to carry things on the bike is a huge part of the urban cycling lifestyle. It helps your  friend’s bike be more functional and plays a big role in the bike’s aesthetic.

Handlebar baskets: Handlebar baskets are a quick and easy way to add storage to a bike. They will fit on most bike types and add a sense of personality. These baskets are usually wicker or wire, which can come in a range of colors as well. 

PRICE RANGE: $25 to $80

Bags and backpacks: A good bike bag is made of durable, waterproof material. Many are also reflective or have reflective elements for added safety. Consider a bag with a special laptop compartment for a commuter needing to carry one to work. When looking for a backpack, we recommend one with a chest strap to keep it secure while riding. 

PRICE RANGE: $25 to $150

Bike rack: Bike racks are a great option to add a vintage or urban feel to your loved one’s bike. But, many cruisers come fitted with them, often in the same color as the bike, so make sure they don’t already have one (it might just be blending in)! A rear bike rack provides a stable frame to hold bicycle gear and carry items. They can usually carry between 20 and 50 pounds. Depending on what your rider needs to carry, they can strap items directly to the rack. However, a great use for a rack is a pannier!

PRICE RANGE: $35 to $90

Pannier: Okay, so full disclosure – we are a bit biased towards this last option. A pannier sits on the back of the bike, attached to a bike rack (see above). It can carry everything from a bouquet of flowers to your luggage on a cycling holiday. Plus, panniers have generous storage capacity – more than a handlebar basket or backpack. They are also more secure, with less chance that the load will shift around than with other carrying options. 

Green bike in front of holiday display with wicker pannier

Also, panniers are versatile and easy to remove, allowing them to be used for cycling and non-cycling activities. For example, your friend can ride to the local farmers’ market and carry the basket around with them while they shop. Then, they take their basket with all their yummy goods and secure it right back to the bike for the ride home. 

Panniers can be bags, or wire or wicker baskets. Bags can be waterproof and have reflective stripes. Meanwhile, wicker baskets can match the rider’s aesthetic and make for a stylish everyday option.  

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